Meshdynamics Structured MeshTM  Patented Technology  

  Structured MeshTM : Benefits over competing mesh networking architectures. 

This paper analyses in detail how with merely 5 simultaneous clients per mesh node, both the single radio ad hoc and the dual-radio, single radio mesh architectures cannot provide usable bandwidth (for voice/video) beyond 2 hops and the implications of these limitations. More

  MeshControlTM : Radio and Protocol Agnostic Software, Future Proof By Design.

Scalable software techniques mandate a level of device abstraction - Object Oriented programming .Our Open Source centric approach is intentionally radio & protocol agnostic.
This accelerates product development for our OEM source code licensees. More


  P3MTM : Low Latency hand off even with vehicles moving at 60 mpg.

Our mobile multi-radio backhaul nodes were set up in a one-mile test course along a public road, simulating a railroad right-of-way. The automobile was driven in repeated passes along the simulated railroad right-of-way at speeds of 55-60 mph. Throughput plot  Press Releases

  EffistreamTM : Real Time, Latency Sensitive Traffic Flow Across Network
Moving small, periodic M2M or VOIP packets through the wireless mesh network requires special concatenation techniques to ensure low latency and jitter performance.  More

  MeshSuiteTM : Wireless Mesh Network Software Integrated into OEM products

Leveraging our Radio and Protocol Agnostic Approach and working closely with our OEM licensees.  Meshdynamics is exploring extensions of our scalable mesh technology to address existing challenges in IOT. MD4000-MeshSuite  Wi-Fi-Simulation-Engine   

  Collateral: Independent Studies and US Government Field Test Validations

The Battelle Institute, Naval Postgraduate School and US Air Force concur: Meshdynamics provides the best throughput, latency through our patented dynamic channel allocation, tree-based mesh topology management and mobile network support. Performance Analysis